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half-cocked and passive aggressive

i was doing a HUGE load of laundry, mostly of children's clothing, when the machine got stuck. this particular machine had a small window in the lid, and also a pole that you could use to dislodge garments from around the agitator. the kids were gathered around the washer, waiting for it to finish, when it got stuck again. to distract them, i said, "look how dirty that water is!" i eventually had to take the stuff out because it was "time to go," and loaded their damp things into suitcases. i don't know where they were going...... but this is my second dream about packing wet clothing into suitcases.

the scene changed to one where some friends and i tried to find a table in a crowded restaurant. the hostess kicked us off several of them, even from tables that had not yet been cleaned, because we lacked salad. it was not a buffet, so how could we know to bring salad with us? somehow i knew that she slept in the back of the restaurant, so i snuck into the kitchen, filled a goblet with ice and emptied it into her bedsheets. ha, ha!

11:43 a.m. - 2005-09-17


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