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conan o'brien

s.p. was going to take me shopping specifically after i put on my shoes. while she waited in her car at the end of the block, i ran home in a vain attempt to find them and put them on. i don't know what the hell i put on my feet, if anything. i was afraid she was going to leave without me.

when i got back down there, i found her talking to conan o'brien. i introduced myself and climbed into his car, ditching s. we went back to his house and got into bed. actually, it was my twin bed that we were in, but his furniture was in the room. whatever. it was at this point that i realized he was s.s.'s husband, mr. s., and not a celebrity. wuhhh the fuhhh would i be doing topless in this man's bed? and why is he conan o'brien? why does s. go by s. as her last name, and not o'brien? puzzling. anyway, conan and i were both shirtless. and we weren't alone in bed, oh no. there were two cats under the covers, both of which were gnawing on me. one had ahold of my side, and the other one had my entire breast in its maw! what the fuck!

as i tried to unhinge their jaws from my flesh, s. popped her head up from under conan's arm and told me to just push them off. what the *hell* was she doing there too? i had no idea she was in the bed! i tried to follow her advice, but my fingers ended up inside the mouth of the one on my boob, and it bit me. i woke up.

5:48 p.m. - 2003-09-14


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