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casino win; rip torn

an older friend and i went to a casino together, and an opportunity came up to win $250. i can't remember whether it was a slot pull or a raffle, but my friend asked me if he should try and i said no. he tried anyway and won the money plus a front row seat to some event in the sportsbook. as excited as he was, i felt correspondingly dumb. the casino made a big fuss over him, setting up a special seat complete with big white candles.

far across the casino, i sat quietly at my own seat with an unlit pity candle until rip torn came along and mistakenly asked me about it. as i fingered the wick, i explained what happened and he totally walked away in disgust. he was the casino's photographer, you see, and in his hand was a gigantic digital camera shaped like a cop's radar gun. when he got near my friend in the front, he bumped into another guy and dropped his camera on the floor. without picking it up, he ranted and raved about how all the pictures had fallen out of it and wah, wah, wah. i just chuckled.

12:44 p.m. - 2005-09-13


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