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tofte isn't with us anymore

i was taking a modern literature class in someone's house, and doing badly. the professor, an older woman, brushed aside my opinion of the work because i hasn't read the work's "dictionary" (glossary, i guess). when class was over, she said we'd talk. i put my bag over my shoulder and left.

as i was walking down the block, i heard a radio dj say from someone's open window, "this is johnson and so-and-so. tofte isn't with us anymore." tofte had died. i guess i felt a little sad about that.

at the house, two of my classmates called me back. they were having a reception and wanted me to attend. as my friend and i walked by some bookshelves in the house, i pointed to a bestseller and said, "i haven't read that yet." he was shocked. "you haven't read that??" i was like, "don't worry about it. i have time, i'm still young."

then the girl in front of me said that there was a lab that went along with the class. i had not been to any lab. i figured that was why i was doing badly in the class. we'd been in school for 3 weeks already!

5:13 p.m. - 2003-09-13


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