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Screen door and floppy noodle stylus

Renutty had somehow intercepted my Zappos shoe order, added in a new screen door, and had had it installed without me noticing. I was floored. It was the kind of screen door that has a bar across the top that makes noise whenever you open and close it. I semi-liked the style but it was the principle. And as usual she wasn’t home when I noticed the change. With nowhere to vent I turned back to my human appendage stylus for my desktop that wasn’t working. The connection point where the USB would be was a long skin tube, and the writer part a six inch penis-looking thing but it was clogged. I realized I would have to squeeze it out and went over to the trashcan. The thing gave way eventually and tons of water and pus flew out and soaked the inside of the trashcan both in the bag and in the can. It was beyond disgusting. Why did I think I was going to be able to write with this thing? It was spent. I needed to take the trash outside pronto. I woke up before touching the trash can.

7:42 a.m. - 2021-09-11


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