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dreamed i bought a hollowed-out twin mattress for use as a raft at a water park. i saw someone else with one and exclaimed, "i had that idea years ago!" so i beat a path to the raft stand and snapped one up. after trotting back to the line, i plopped it down, set myself in it and whizzed around the curves like nobody's business. when i got down to the bottom, i met a friend with a little kid so i let her keep it. aren't i generous? (god, i hate that word.)

then i dreamed i was writing out a paper for school, by hand, that was over 150 pages. i was both proud of and horrified by its length because i'm often a harried student, but also an english major -- and who knew i had that much to say about anything? it wasn't a graduate thesis! the teacher called, "time's up," before i actually finished. i told him i was almost there and he actually let me complete it. when does that ever happen?

10:22 a.m. - 2005-09-08


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