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seduction plan, no remotes, sea cad, soul asylum

dreamed i went to church and then had a bowl of cereal -- out on the lawn -- with the guy who plays mike on "desperate housewives." that was my grand seduction plan, cereal on the lawn? oh boy!

then i was at the home of a family who had hidden from their children the tv remotes because they didn't want to corrupt them. when the adults dispersed, i asked the kids if they knew where the clickers were, and they said yes. i shook my head and left, traipsing down the sidewalk at a slow pace. (i was really just admiring the neighborhood.) at one point i had to step over a full-sized toy snorkler sprawled out on the sidewalk, and my first thought was, "i bet he came from a box of sea cads." in the back yard of the house where the toy was, a middle-aged woman stood listening to soul asylum. i thought she looked too old to like them. i woke up singing, "i know you wanna know how i feel, i can't tell!"

11:58 a.m. - 2005-09-04


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