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summoning the closet monster

i was sitting in a small auditorium when a woman called me out of the audience. i was to play a game with an elderly man who was sitting center stage. i was excited and nervous. the woman introduced the player, supposedly me, as "mary's sister, (so and so)!" i realized she'd called another name and sat back down.

then i was in someone's backyard. it was more of an omniscient thing, again. one woman was stalking around the yard with a bronze sun in her hands, which she held above her head. the other woman, who looked like teresa from eng. 457, slapped her lightly in the face and said, "knock it off! you're scaring me!" the three of us went into the house.

while the first woman took off her long sweater, her golden lab barked furiously at the closet door. she remarked in wonder, "he hardly ever does this." he was growling and snarling as if something were in there. he pried the door open with his mouth and continued to growl menacingly inside. each time, the door would snap shut, but he would growl, flip out and pry it open again. he got inside the closet and barked up a storm. nothing else happened, but someone said, "mm-mm, i'm not going over there."

2:36 p.m. - 2003-09-04


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