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Tits McGee

I was in a hotel room trying to get some program to work, and there were two versions of it, and I couldn’t get either one of them going. They were text-based, very simple, but I wasn’t familiar with them and… crickets. I didn’t call the front desk and ask for help, didn’t even think of that. I was half-dressed and thought I was alone in the suite. I just walked right in to the next room and found a fully dressed man sitting in a chair. Who was he? He looked like a really leathery Eric Roberts.I started talking to him, telling him something, with no real awareness for about a full minute that I was topless. I realized this was abnormal and hurried out to find a shirt. Yes, possibly this could have social repercussions… In the other room all I found was wrapping paper tissue.

8:32 a.m. - 2021-09-03


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