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j.y. apparently was working with me at, well, work. when he found out i was leaving, he wrote me an illegible goodbye note. it's the thought that counts.

then i was in the breakroom of a news station, sitting around with the newscasters. a woman was eating a cinnamon bun shaped like a large intestine. the end of it looked just like a penis, so she wagged it in her male co-worker's face until he laughed. then she cut it off and ate it!

next, at home, i found a double exposed picture of a swimming pool and my uncle, dressed in a suit, in the front yard of our old house in illinois. apparently it was taken from the s's window, because there was a reflection of t. and me looking out at our uncle. the photo was undated, but i could clearly see my baby teeth from the smile on my face. i flicked it back and forth several times to see the different images.

before i went upstairs to tell t. about it, i found a picture of my mother that i'd never seen before. she was wearing a beige dress, outside, and had charcoal colored eyeliner on. i stared at her rimmed eyes in wonder. then i looked down, and her knees were rimmed on the bottom the same way! (of course, i stared at that oddity also.) when i rounded the corner to talk to t., he asked me in an accusing voice if i ever tell stuff to others. "sometimes," i said. he was talking about me to some guy on a renegade board. he said, "this guy says he knows you."

"who is he?" i asked. "ewad," he answered. "omg! ewad!" i exclaimed, and said something about giving that guy a book or having one of his books. i forget which. "get him back," i ordered, 'cause the guy had wandered off in the board. we went through a series of passwords and crap, and scrolled up for something (which allowed me to see the shitty old ascii drawing he'd made of spiderman 7 years ago), but he was gone.

2:56 p.m. - 2003-09-01


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