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window washing & insurance fraud

recurring dream. first, high school: i'm sitting in an assembly. i don't know what it's about. a baby is on the floor. the administrator is sitting next to me. when it's over, i go outside and wash a window of a case that holds several school personnel's pics. satisfied with my work, i leave and wander toward a new bus. i board the bus and am driven a great distance to the elmwood farm.

at the farm, i get off the bus and go inside the house. the usual people are there. s. is not interacting with me, though, and i feel rejected. someone shows me a picture of myself with my dad from back in the day, and i look the same. eventually s. warms up and we sleep together in a twin bed. we are dressed like laura from _little house on the prairie_. in the morning, things between us are good again.

i leave the next day and wind up back at the schoolbus depot. i run into some guys committing insurance fraud or something. (it's some kind of chop shop.) i hear the guy in charge say, "if it was driven by a girl, it's got to go." i walk through an open-ended trailer where they are doing all the work. a broad-shouldered guy, oblivious to my presence, crams a crowbar into the side of a firebird and pulls it apart. i wonder if they even know i'm here? i'm not sure what my course of action is going to be.

9:03 p.m. - 2003-08-31


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