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Antifa dropbox

On the other side of the fence where the electrical box is, I dreamed there was an actual Antifa mailbox, and I saw a guy pull up and use it. He looked like your typical mail bomber so I decided go mosey on over and see what he’d left. I considered calling the police first but no, was going to have a looky loo. Somehow the box made it to the post office shack across the street before I got around the corner. I got in line and was actually going to try to pick up the box from the post office even though I had no right to it, it was on a public sidewalk and obviously I am not a group representative with postal keys. The patron in front of me left a ring behind on the counter, which the worker from line 2 picked up and declared he was going to use to ask me to marry him. I didn’t know him. For some reason I didn’t treat it like a joke, I actually considered my prospects and decided maybe I should say yes (what??). It was my turn in line next. The postal lady unexpectedly took off her shirt, then so did my would-be suitor. I decided this had something to do with the ring, but my anticipated proposal was taking a weird turn. I woke up before asking for the Antifa box.

8:46 a.m. - 2021-08-30


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