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sick boy & dirty mouth

first, i dreamed i was in a public, apparently unisex bathroom with a man and his son. the boy, probably under ten, was sitting in an open bathroom stall feeling very ill. he did not want his father or me to see him in that condition, although his eyes were watering and he was on the verge of vomiting. somehow i got a glimpse of a very full, backed-up toilet and recoiled.

then the child and the guy were gone, and i was brushing the hell out of my teeth. it seemed i'd eaten two chocolate suckers and the inside of my mouth was a brown wasteland. sadly for my friends, who were standing around waiting for me to finish, i must've brushed for a good two hours! every time i spat, it was blackish-brown.

to make conversation between bristle swipes, i asked my friend about c.s., even though i already knew how she was doing. my friend didn't know much about her. then i stretched my mouth and examined a back tooth. around the root, it still had traces of brown from the sucker. i gave up.

we left the bathroom and made our way to the concession stand of a movie theater. how could we not have missed our flick after all that? a fat man in a leather vest was there with his two dogs, one of which ran up to us. i wanted to play with it and let it jump on me. when asked why he'd brought his dogs to the movies, the guy said, "they're for show." it made sense to me!

10:44 p.m. - 2003-08-28


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