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Grandma M

Very long dream about attending some kind of workshop with my grandmother in a college lecture hall. A lot of the dream seemed to be the organizer and his sidekick trying to recruit me personally, from somewhere around Spencer at night to the actual venue. For reasons unknown I decided to go. I remember walking up the stairs to the venue and occasionally telling someone I wasn’t sure about it. I walked down the rows and found myself trying to sit in an old-fashioned wooden student seat from middle school. Some of the seats had not been cleaned and had actual urine on them. They were so, so gross. No one seemed fazed. People were gathering in the hall and no one made a fuss. I had to go up a row and had to pivot on a super narrow stair to get to my seat. I was afraid I was going to fall. The organizer kind of stood in front of me. I told him I was afraid. I think he offered his hand but I didn’t take it. I had intended to sit in a particular seat but a fat, sloppy man plopped into it. I found a seat back across the room next to my grandmother. My grandmother was beyond excited that I was attending this lecture and was jabbering non-stop about her experience devoting her life to the poor. She was wearing a light blue dress with the religious item pinned on. The lights stayed on during the lecture. A young man was up on a ladder fiddling with something and he turned and winked at me. I don’t know if it made me feel comforted or what. I think there was a little bit more to this but I woke up.

9:56 a.m. - 2022-08-27


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