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no emotional payoff; witchy woman

let's see, how did this one go? i was running through a neighborhood of beautiful brick houses, trying to get back to the home of a relative whom i'd not seen in a while. when i got there, i discovered that one of my acquaintances had married into the family and that i really didn't fit in with them anymore. what a shitty day for all that running and no emotional payoff!

the scene changed to one where i omnisciently observed an older woman and her spouse. the woman was some sort of witch who liked to lounge around in fancy evening dresses and read in a waterless tub in the living room. while her rotund, suspendered husband strolled around complaining, the book in her hands just fell apart. was he impervious to her powers? i wished she had expressed her annoyance to him instead of taking her feelings out on an innocent book.

7:50 p.m. - 2005-08-27


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