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first, i was at a very fancy dinner when someone took my seat. there were many important people at the event, and i was left standing in the kitchen of the restaurant with a full plate of food. it seems to me that my brother may have taken my spot, because i was talking about him murderously. our family eventually came into the kitchen and decided that we should leave, so we did and went on a tour of "the old neighborhood." we drove past my grandmother's house, where the front bushes were half red and green because it was christmas. my cousin exclaimed, "did you do that, erin?" i said, "no way!" and laughed. as we drove around, other family talked about how the area has increased in value. my cousin c. and i both admired the same house, one with a shimmery paint job. as we drove down the road, the driver encountered deep snow and the car got stuck. i got out and boarded a foreign-looking bus with my mother, who had not been in the stranded car, and found a seat next to an orangutan. my mother was running away from her life, desperate to get to "hancock park" to start again. we took the monkey bus (we were the only human passengers) as far as we could and then walked the rest of the way down "lorainne avenue," a connected pathway of automatic grocery doors that led to a train station.

we encountered a lot of monkey business on lorainne avenue. they were an unruly bunch, breaking the windows in the doors, bouncing around and causing havoc. i was getting very agitated and exclaimed to someone who worked on the passage line, "we don't have time for this! we are in a HURRY. these monkeys are c-r-a-z-y..." and twirled my finger near my ear. she did her best to calm me, and mom and i continued down lorainne. when we were almost to the train station, i started to run because i magically realized the train was about to leave. i said, "cmon mom, we gotta hurry!" and started running. mom fell behind by a few people. i said to the ticket agent as i ran in, "wait for my mom! she's coming!" i peered over his shoulder and felt better that she was only two people back. we got into the train station and, just as i was rushing to check the schedule and get us on the train, my mother stopped for a cigarette. "noooo! we don't have tiiimmeee!" i yelled frantically at her. "you can smoke later, or maybe on the train!" people were smoking all around us. my mother heaved her two-ton purse on the railing and stood there with her unlit cigarette, looking at me. i realized we weren't going to make it; the change was too much for her even though the whole thing had been her idea.

9:19 a.m. - 2005-08-26


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