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i caught a ride to work with s.l., the dingbat, who sat through a green arrow and then ran a red light at the last minute. once on the other side of the street, i leapt out of her car and walked the rest of the way. i was trying once again not to be seen with her, but someone saw us. i never actually made it into the office, though; instead, i took my seat in a theater where a roman hero, resplendent in gold and red, was marched down the aisle to his death. everyone was shocked that he was the next to go. he was a hero! what had he done? his tongue dangled out of his mouth in terror as he was thrown off the balcony. i felt his terror because it could have happened to me (not that i think i'm a hero) so easily! would i have empathized as much if it had been s.?

9:08 a.m. - 2005-08-23


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