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Guest Dream: Left stranded

A lady was sitting in a car outside a Target store with an infant, waiting for sister Shirley to return. It was nighttime. They sat there so long, the lady got bored and went into the store. When she came out again, Shirley and the car were gone. Ooh! Left. She began asking people if she could use their phones to call a ride, but they were all disinterested, said no and hurried away. She had five single dollar bills in her purse, no more. She turned around to go back in the store but it had closed. They were holding a meeting. Even after the meeting no one would help so she started walking. Finally it dawned on her to offer to pay someone for the use of their phone. She came upon a woman in an apartment, offered a buck, and was going to make the call for help but then she woke up. Mhmmm. Typical…

12:02 p.m. - 2022-08-18


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