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i'm walking down a public street at night. in front of me is nicole deroo* and another girl, about two to three steps ahead, talking. i can't hear what they're saying except that "john" is who nicole is dating. i'm hoping i can hear a last name so i can... google him? i don't know what. i start walking faster so i can either hear them better or get around/in front of them. nicole says his last name is hadley. i look down the street and see a light pole. somehow i know i will be stuck behind them. anyway, at some point nicole stops and turns her face toward the streetlight. she is much heavier than i last saw her and also, her nose is bigger. i was more shocked by the nose than anything. i noticed a little skin sagging near her chin, but it was really the nose that held my attention. i walked on.

i came upon my house, which had two tall monolithic doors, and noticed the right one was slightly ajar. i pushed the door open and went inside. as soon as i did that, it occurred to me there could be an intruder in the house and regretted it. as i was feeling regret and contemplating the situation, my boyfriend (who was a tall, skinny blond, not at all my heavy brunette) rushed up to me and made me jump. "remember, i told you, i was coming here after the tournament?" he said. i didn't remember but it was ok. at least i wasn't going to have to call the cops.

we stood in the living room and he told me about someone at the tournament. this woman asserted to him that i (not knowing me whatsoever) would not have wanted him in it, and therefore he should not be playing. his response to her was, "her tits aren't big enough to keep me out." !!!!!! i laughed and instinctively rubbed my breasts. what.. on earth.. possessed the woman to try to give him the boot.. and what possessed him to make that remark? wow. so i guess he played in it but there was no mention of how he did.

11:27 a.m. - 2011-08-14


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