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lessons on propriety

a woman came to the house just to clean our bathroom. when finished, she declared it "disgusting" and came around to lecture me about it. i really didn't want to hear it though, so i left, walked down the street and saw something horrifying: a little kid of about five was carrying a picnic basket and trying to get into his mother's moving car. apparently she'd dropped him off at school, but he wouldn't stay there and kept trying to get back into the vehicle. she refused to stop even after he hurled his picnic basket into the convertible's backseat, clung to the trunk and tried to shimmy into the back. she turned the corner at a slow speed and he nearly fell off. concerned citizens tried frantically to attract her attention, but couldn't. as she motored down the avenue, he stood on top of the picnic basket and wouldn't get down. 'why won't she tell him to sit down??' i wondered. i came upon a female cop and explained what i'd seen, which she dutifully wrote down, but then i saw the little bugger on the street, alone. on the other side of the avenue, a gold colored van had run a smaller car off the road. there wasn't anyone in either car, but they were parked so close to each other one had to wonder how they'd gotten out. the kid, who looked a little like brian bonsall circa "family ties," was standing next to me then and said, "bullying, eh?" it certainly looked that way. i stared at the cars and thought, 'if i'd stayed home for that lecture, i never would have seen a thing.' hmmm.

10:27 a.m. - 2005-08-14


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