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I dreamed that I get to a parking garage much faster by crawling through the kitchen pantries of people in a particular apartment complex. Most of them had a hole on the back wall of the pantry that I could somehow weasel my grown adult body through, and then I would go through a flimsy door and into the next apartment. Once I got to the parking lot, I was home free and could go anywhere. But the place I wanted to go repeatedly was through the holes. So I kept doing it over and over, until I got to an apartment that inexplicably didn't have a hole. I did not believe the occupant. "They all have them," I said. She showed me: no hole. We went into her bedroom and she pulled out a drawer under her bed. "I'm not getting in there," I said. I felt like her hole was going under the bed and was awkward at best. Somewhere in the dream I had a flash image of my dad. I needed to get to the parking lot and get out. Stop walking through doors and disappearing secretly into holes. Stop doing this.

3:54 p.m. - 2018-08-10


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