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dreamed i went over to l2's house to explain that i needed his affection, and he gave me a hug and we had sex. again. not quite what i had in mind, but it was ok. then he actually left the house before i woke up, i think, or at any rate was gone and nowhere to be found, but his family was everywhere in the house and ok with my being there -- didn't question it whatsoever. i went upstairs to do something and stumbled onto a swingin' nightclub. lb suddenly appeared and we went into an extremely crowded bar area with lots of (just) men to get something to eat. we got slightly separated in the crowd, and i turned away to join some people i don't think i really knew at a table in a different place. i discovered that the asian lady sitting next to me had the same power as me to make slightly liquified ice in a bowl rise. we played around with it, making it rise a little at a time, then let it grow about 8 or nine inches high. the top ring of the ice was blue, like oxygenated fire, and i stuck my finger near the base to control the shape. an asian man sat fascinated on the other side of me, and i took the woman's advice to let the ice topple over on him.

when it did, his arm became encased in ice. then it melted into a waxy substance that he was able to remove easily, and somehow brought back a dead woman, gave her her youth again, and also gave her an infant. it was astounding. they thanked us, collected their things and left together. i didn't know what to make of it.

influences: teatro euro bar at mgm grand in las vegas, a woodworking show where the guy carefully sculpted a piece of wood on a spinner, and my friend l2, from whom i cannot get anything that i need

10:02 a.m. - 2005-08-07


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