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public sex keeps me grounded

first, it was about the r.'s, a family for whom i used to work. their daughter, s., was sleeping in the back of a hatchback. her mother, s., and i were in the house, talking, while i cleaned out my hairbrush. as i was doing that, it broke. i walked toward the front of the house to throw it away when i heard someone talking about "chao camp." i exclaimed, "i know exactly what that is, i read that journal too!" i smiled and added wistfully, "i want to go there, too." then i looked at who he was talking to, and it was anna beth. she had a different haircut and was staring at me (not surprising to me at all). i realized it was probably her house that i was in, even though in truth it wasn't.

i left and walked down a path to a bank of elevators. as i waited around, an old woman came up to the other person there and threw a gravy boat full of cream at the woman's feet. the elevator doors finally opened and there were couples having sex in every one of them. god damnit! when i peeked into the last elevator, i got really mad.

"get out!" i screamed, and stepped inside. the guy, a redneck type with a mustache and big blue eyes, got right in my face. i screamed back, "i will not allow you to degrade me this way! i will not allow it," shaking my had and glaring into his eyes. he grabbed my upper arms or something and i poked my pencil into his groin (he was fully clothed). "now get out!" i yelled again. he had had the nerve to call me sexless! i grabbed either a chunk of his skin or his nipple and twisted it really hard. heh! his facee slowly screwed up in pain. i felt my anger at not being able to use the elevator dissapating. however, no one left the elevator before i woke up.

3:09 p.m. - 2003-08-06


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