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working too hard

i was supervising the room as usual when i walked up to someone with a question. the man informed me that he felt he was really a dog and that he needed to go outside and run around the courtyard for a while. i looked at him like, 'are you out of your mind?' he was completely serious. he hadn't taken his break yet so i said whatever and let him go outside. he was gone for a very long time. i found out later in the shift that he had actually hopped a plane to australia to examine the original bylaws of the p.a.f. charter. apparently he felt that the north american chapter was changing the rules and he was very unhappy about it. i was outraged. i went around ranting about what he'd told me. when the bozo came back, i let him have it. "just tell me," i yelled, "whether you sat around first thinking up what stupid excuse to tell me to let you outside!" he said that it wasn't premeditated. as i was walking away i saw a girl going through my purse. "what are you doing?? give me that!" i snapped as i snatched it from her. "i was just looking for change," she said, not looking at me nor apologizing. i walked off to the elevator where i encountered a throng of people listening to a couple having sex in an adjacent office. no one would leave, including me, because they were making so much noise. the guy was screaming like he was being tortured. eventually they finished and sat down in front of the window. the guy was a very skinny mediterranean who looked wholly unlikely of having such an experience. the room they were in turned into a sauna and they started going at it again.

1:30 p.m. - 2007-08-04


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