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outracing a storm

packing, packing, packing: i am packing for a vacation from which i may not return. my family is already at the destination and i am to meet them. however, i know a fierce, fierce storm is coming & so i'm packing hurriedly to escape it. what to put in the suitcase? photo album? clothes? how do you pack up your entire life and cram it into a suitcase? it's nighttime and i'm alone in the house. stuff is strewn everywhere. out the window, i can hear the wind picking up. the curtained bathroom window is open, and i can hear two guys outside talking about the weather. i start throwing clothes into my bag. the guys, who i think are standing around smoking or something, don't realize how severe the storm will be. i manage to get away before it hits.

3:14 p.m. - 2003-08-04


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