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cleaning supplies

dreamed i was someone else, a blonde girl with a football player type of boyfriend. we were living in my old house in illinois, though we spent the day outside. for some reason we were cleaning out the back seat of my car with lighter fluid. over and over, and just in the back, not the front, we squirted lighter fluid all over the seats and between the cracks, soaking everything -- even the papers and miscellaneous stuff on the seats. we never torched it, though.

then one of us went over to the huge grate next to the house that three of our hard drives were beneath, and proceeded to water the hard drives with the garden hose. heh. my boyfriend could not find his computer, and we got into a fight about whose it actually was. he relented and said it was ours, but who actually paid for it? we never shared any bills. after a few minutes we stopped fighting. i gave him a hug and he said forlornly, "i'm a medium." heh. yeah right, i could barely get my arms around him! but i didn't care.

9:24 a.m. - 2005-08-03


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