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Whining for help

Dreamed I flushed an oversized styrofoam cup down the toilet on R'wood and it immediately began to overflow. I went to shut the water off at the side and water started shooting out of the side of the knob. I yelled for my dad to help me. He came about halfway up the stairs and stopped. I was trying to reason out why he wasn't more concerned and in the bathroom with me trying to get this water to stop. I said, "Well, this is your house, too.. No.. Yeah. It is." Meaning.. I was possibly considering that the dead do not care about malfunctioning toilets? I was my current age and neither of us live in that house nor does he technically own it anymore.. And I am a homeowner now and I did do it, so he could completely be within his right to pause on the stairs and linger. Still, he did once own it and it was an upstairs toilet, the floor was carpeted and would soon be a mess.. so I, instead of going outside to the water main, attempted to pick up the toilet tank and the squirting knob and aim it into the bathtub so the water would at least go down the drain. That did not work at all and basically got me all wet. Then I woke up.

7:47 a.m. - 2018-07-28


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