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banking at the zellar mental facility

i went to a place that seemed to be a bank. my mother was with me for sure, and maybe the rest of the family, but i was the decision-maker. my mother sat in a chair along the wall and clutched her purse. she was dressed like it was wintertime. the place was very crowded.

i went up to the teller and began to do my business. apparently i wasn't making a deposit or withdrawal, but finding out the cost of committing my mother. it wasn't cheap, either: one day was going to set me back $700 (which may in fact be cheap -- but i'm broke so it's a lot to me)! mentally, i swooned. i could only afford to keep her there for a day. then i felt supremely guilty because she didn't know anything about it. i thought of how i could break it to her, like maybe that it was just there if she needed it.. but for a day? that wouldn't be helpful at all. this dream, more than being about eventual responsibility for THAT (ugh), is about money and guilt.

10:56 a.m. - 2003-07-25


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