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Passport-Eating Lizard

Long dream about a human-sized lizard who lived in a dark, damp lair. This lizard was an oddity. It had huge eyes and was treated like a freak, possibly devilish. Everyone referred to it as male. It also had an insatiable taste for US passports. Thousands of passports littered his dark, damp lair. Where did they come from? No one knew. He lived in a medical facility and was supposedly fed by the workers. A rumor began to circulate that the lizard had once been a woman. They even had a photo. The "woman" was butt ugly and looked like Napolean Dynamite. A decision was made to try a DNA test, so the workers decided to pluck a feather from the lizard's chest. They pulled and pulled, but the feather did not come out easily. The lizard was distressed by the violation and opened his mouth in pain. Inside his mouth were a bunch of passports. I woke up before the DNA test.

11:30 a.m. - 2011-07-24


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