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Surprise, still don't belong

Strange dream about a classroom building that I started off once again trying to leave, but then settled into and then refused to get out of the way of people who legitimately deserved to be there. I was sitting on the floor of a grad school class, under a table where people were plugging in their equipment. I had some stuff with me but I don't recall what any of it was. I looked around as the class was filling up and saw an actual child under a table as well. Hmm.. well being an adult, I didn't belong under the table.. so I resettled at the desk in a normal way but soon enough had to compete for elbow space with another student with a laptop, and I was losing. I got up and left. It wasn't worth it. In the parking lot I ran into Geno and asked if he needed a ride anywhere. He asked me to drive him to "East Warm Springs." Pretty sure that doesn't exist but I started down the road, right into flash flood waters. I was chewing a huge wad of gum and had to spit it out twice on the way there. I don't seem to be a good gum chewer in dreams. I woke up before we got there.

10:45 a.m. - 2019-07-20


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