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transforming the ketchup devil

1. i had to hurry and make a bed with someone already in it "because the transformers were coming."

2. christie took me to a bar called ketchup to look for hot lesbians. instead of finding any, i found good old cosmo kramer. it seemed we were such good friends that i should have known why he was in a foul mood. we left the bar and walked a ways down highland street, and i tried to ferret out the problem. i couldn't figure it out. instead of talking, he took me to a small religious meeting where the direction of the group study was changing. two people were against the change, cosmo and someone else. cosmo was sullen because another follower had been declared the devil. i understood then. it sure sucks when your friend is a known antichrist!

2:47 p.m. - 2009-07-19


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