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the bone song

i was working in a hospital as a tutor. my student, a middle aged hispanic, wanted me to make up a song for whatever i was trying to teach him. he wanted it to be like "the bone song" ("the shoulder bone's connected to the.. blah blah") because he really liked that. he even pointed at his neck to emphasize his point. the problem was, the things he was studying weren't easily bundled together. i sat in the booth and tried really hard not to tell him how dumb he was. i knew that was a golden rule for tutors and teachers; that, no matter how dumb a student may be, you mustn't tell them because they will get discouraged. so i just tried to reason with him. ("the bones of the body and the dewey decimal system don't sound good together.") he wasn't having any of it, though. he got up and left in frustration. i stayed behind in the booth, thinking about how stupid he was.

8:31 p.m. - 2003-07-19


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