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dreamed i went over to the engineering building on my lunch break, got hit on by a guy and then assumed to be a lesbian by a woman. can't a girl sit out on the balcony & stare into the distance without anyone assuming she is having identity problems? geez... i went inside to get away from the lecherous male and sat down not far from a lesbian religious service. when the novelty wore off, i started to walk out but realized i'd forgotten my stretchy belt (that i actually had not been wearing). i went back to my table, put it on, and realized it looked incredibly stupid. so i took it off and headed for the door. on my way out, a woman with leaflets stopped me and implied that i was hanging around because i was closeted, and it was a-ok. i wanted to cry, "i'm a straight woman! i just forgot my belllllttttt..." but i didn't. instead i took a flyer from her when she implied that i could receive $100 for promoting a particular construction company in my daily life. shah!

12:39 p.m. - 2006-07-18


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