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bit off more than i could chew

so, there is this guy on my radar who is new. we'll call him new guy. (clever, no?) new guy is as slippery as an eel, and i for some reason am attracted to this bs. we have not met yet.

last night i dreamed he was "at the pool" and i was desperate to get his attention. i suspected he knew who i was, so i got in the pool and started swimming laps. the problem was that there were a bunch of people hanging out in it, talking, and i had to go around or under them to do my laps. some of them, shall we say, were large bottomed men and i was a terrible swimmer. i kept getting nearly stuck and out of breath under these people. i would come up for air gasping, and swimming took a lot of effort. i finally settled on the dog paddle which is so impressive in front of a new suitor, don't you know. g-o-d.

apparently he'd watched me and decided that it was time to flirt when i got out. but horror upon horror, my dad showed up at the pool in his suit and wanted to talk family business such as what was for supper. i was planning to hide one major fact from this person and it was about to blow up in my face. my brother appeared. suddenly new guy was in a suit as well, and everyone was dressed. the scene changed to a hotel hallway. my brother said, "this is awkward." just as my dad and this guy were beginning to speak, the scene changed again to a private room. it was the guy and me alone in the room, only the guy had changed into someone else, someone kind of repulsive -- heavy set with long, curly hair, a weird-al-in-a-fatsuit-type who was talking excitedly to me about the upcoming jewish ceremony and october 20, specifically. i had no idea what he was talking about. APPARENTLY.... unbeknownst to me.... someone on my side had set up an arranged marriage for me with this guy! and it was to be a jewish ceremony! red alert, red alert i'm catholic! !! !!! i could not believe it. my voice went up & i quickly started saying NO to everything he mentioned thereafter. i wondered who had given this the go-ahead.

11:10 a.m. - 2008-07-17


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