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Dating famous

I dreamed I was just beginning to date Gilbert Gottfried, but he was in the size and likeness of Danny Devito. HE believed he resembled Ed Asner and worried I would get them confused in person. Gilbert/Danny was quite a bit physically smaller than Ed, but isn’t Ed dead? And technically so is Gilbert, but pishposh. Details. Anyway I drove my vehicle inside a theatre to meet him for a date. As I was driving down the aisle, my brakes failed completely and I ended up driving onto the stage. I wasn’t worried about hitting him with my car, rather that my car was completely kaput and inside a building. The stage manager pushed my car onto the left side of the stage and covered it with a curtain. When I met Gilbert/Danny, the only thing that really disturbed me about him was how hot his body was. The man was running at least ten degrees hotter than anyone I’d known. This was going to be a nightmare in the summer. He introduced me to all his family backstage and they seemed nice. We were starting to walk together when I woke up.

7:20 a.m. - 2022-07-16


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