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family trouble

while my extended family and i were climbing a staircase of a hotel, i made a very stupid and unfunny remark that all but ruined my life. it was so bad that i spent the night on the floor of my office between the couch and the coffee table, hiding from my father. it didn't work, though: he found me and my bedthings and tried to peer into my face. i refused eye contact, though, and left town immediately.

things were so rocky, in fact, that i had to borrow someone else's shoes on my way out of town. the first place i went was an extremely crowded bar where i asked to borrow the shoes of the nearest construction worker. my friend had given up her feet for the trip, opting instead to strap bricks to her hoofers to be doubly safe. we escaped for a while by invading nursing mothers' private rooms and forcing our way down tubes in the floor. the mothers screamed, but we did this over and over. apparently we were really forcing them to have abortions, a fact i didn't discover until i ended up in a hospital ward. there was nothing wrong with me; i was just visiting someone, i think. a nurse with a syringe stood in front of me and said that i looked familiar. i hadn't seen her before but she did remind me of sr. t. from high school. my father suddenly appeared and deduced that i'd just had an abortion. it was completely wrong but he wouldn't listen to me. i knew he felt betrayed, furious, and hurt, but i hadn't done a thing! i left and went to the store for some comfort food, some hard candy that i could suck on. the cashiers wanted me to have the fucking fun dips, though, and i had to enlist the help of another customer to get what i wanted. i woke up before getting the right package.

4:38 p.m. - 2004-07-16


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