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sexually harassed by another woman

dreamed that my old iranian friend, r., had the hots for me and would not take no for an answer. HAHA! the woman is like 50, i'm 29, and she just would not stop pestering me. we were taking a class together, sitting side by side, and she was aggravating me so much that i took her wrist and wrote, "poor (something)" on it. i forget what it was, something along the lines of poor you, you can't have me. she followed me home, still bothering me, and said that i should "pretend [she's] t.," which is even more ridiculous because t. is my brother and there are no sexual escapades between us. i got so upset that i called my father down, who had been in bed, and told him what she was doing. unfortunately, she wandered down as well, so i had to say everything in a tactful but firm way. he then sat very close to her and asked her to look in his eyes and explain what she thought i was saying. i don't think she wanted to understand, but i was sick of being harassed. it was ridiculous.

this dream is a mixture of the e.s.l. class i once taught, my very heterosexual friend r., and work, somehow.

12:08 p.m. - 2005-07-13


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