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i spent some time with a little blond girl in a public park, trying to convince her to try bringing a friend the next time. who this girl was to me, i don't know. (she kind of looked like n.) why did i care who she played with at the park? or that she even did? i wish our relationship were a little more defined.

then i had another dream about witnessing a rollercoaster going off its track. its occupants died, and one of them was a decorated military officer. his family was distraught. i left wherever i was and went back to the park, but this time julia roberts was there. she was running after her kids, saying she was ready to leave acting forever. i guess i was oprah (heh). i couldn't really blame her. having kids changes your priorities, not that i would know anything about that.

12:56 p.m. - 2005-07-11


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