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Frank dreamed that we were going somewhere, together, in his old Toyota when a baby appeared under my arm like magic. I got on someone’s scooter with the baby (I was driving it) and drove it to some kind of shamanic festival. The scene was sketchy: a fire on the side of the road with a bunch of bearded guys handling registration. Exact quote: “Like a Swami festival or something.” I went through a gate and he followed separately in a car. We entered another area with more tables where Frank got into an argument with someone. He gave up on the guy and went into the bathroom to wash his hands.
In the bathroom, the soap dispenser was on a table like hand sanitizer, but was a machine resembling a lava lamp. Frank said to me, “What happens if we shut this off?” So being a Doer of Things, he shut it off. Immediately a solid chunk of soap descended like taffy or two sticks of gum smushed together. He rubbed his hands on it and it coated his hands like slime. After this he decided to use the bathroom. (Why did he wash his hands first? Dreams…) To get the soap off his pre-washed hands he had to stick them into an old school water fountain like in an elementary school. Upon leaving he opened the door to meet a rando holding a black device. “You’re about to go crazy,” he said, and shot Frank with some type of foam. Frank naturally began screaming. The guy shut Frank in the bathroom and he pivoted back to the drinking fountain to clean himself up.
He exited the bathroom eventually through a second door. The guy was also on the other side of this door with his bags and boxes of tricks. Frank took one look at him and muttered, “Ahh, sucky sucky.” He threatened Frank with another device but Frank wasn’t having any of it and threw the box over a balcony. Upon landing it broke apart and laser equipment fell out. The guy pulled a gun and they began wrestling over it like an action movie.

Sources: Going to buy a tire right before they closed; the guy closed the gate when we were leaving; a teddy bear under someone’s arm; washing his hands in a casino with foam soap.

9:05 a.m. - 2022-07-10


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