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PAB's secret world

I had a strange-ish dream about PAB taking advantage of me financially again, as in having booked a flight somewhere with my credit card, but I called the airline and only asked for the stranger's flight to be canceled, not PAB's. Then there were two complete strangers in my bedroom, grandparents of possibly PAB's secret child. PAB of course was nowhere to be found. It seemed these people were spending the night because I asked if the baby had a pack and play, and if so perhaps it could sleep in it. The grandmother demurred and said, "No, the baby will sleep with us." "Oh," I said. Well where was I going to sleep? Then the scene changed to a public street outside a neighborhood. I was trying to cross from the median without getting hit. I passed in front of a garbage truck and dropped something.

9:07 a.m. - 2016-07-08


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