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new boyfriend

dreamed i had met someone new, a mediterranean type, and on our first date he gave me a bunch of presents. how did he have any clue what i liked? as it happened, i did like them. did he keep a list somewhere of things girls like? he couldn't have consulted with anyone. we kissed and cuddled on a couch. i distinctly recall grasping the back of his head while i kissed him.
everything about that was quite real.

eventually i got up and went into another room. propped up on an end table was a girl's toy in a box, like a tea set or a doll or something. i wondered who that was for. i wondered if he'd bought it at the same time as my stuff. i wondered... if my gifts had been for someone else originally? so many thoughts...

i went
into a back bedroom and tried to turn off the television, but there was actually no button on the old unit to shut it off. i looked and looked! john goodman was on the screen, expounding about something or other. he was full of fervor.

wandering back down the hall, i felt anxiety. i would have to reciprocate with hte gift giving. i did not know this guy at all! i had no idea what to get him.

12:11 a.m. - 2008-07-03


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