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a plague of devils

a young girl with wavy brown hair, clad in pajamas in a room with beveled glass windows was unaware she was about to be tortured by demons. i was there omnisciently and it was killing me. she was led to a windowseat where a candle was placed in front of her. i distinctly heard a devilish voice say, "let's see if your catholicism saves you now." she was to touch the sides of the candle, where the flame would leap from the wick to her skin.

i couldn't stand it. i tried to intervene. instantly, numerous partygoers in roman outfits burst into the room and squeezed past me, blocking the path. another girl, an older blond, smiled at me over their shoulders. it was an instant bacchanalia, complete with long wooden table and grapes. plastic babies began sliding backwards up large hooks on top of the table, a really creepy image if ever there was one. they were hooked through the mouth and flew off the hooks upside down. i wanted to vomit. i flicked my eyes up at the girl. she had not yet begun to burn.

12:21 p.m. - 2008-06-30


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