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I managed to have my first dream about Mama Mai. I dreamed I had missed the last class she had taught & had no idea in the entire world what she was talking about in her lecture. I felt the way I often had in college, that even if I had a chance to read what I’d missed, I still wouldn’t get it. I was trying to impress her I guess by saying my father is an intellectual who was at home watching a program about the Chinese language, but Mama Mai is Vietnamese. Durrr. Who cares what he’s doing anyway, he’s not in the class. There was an ancient dress component to whatever was being taught. I suddenly found myself looking at an ornate robe from several centuries ago. It was white with white fur trim around the collar and some embroidery on the front panels. I wasn’t sure what the connection was.

7:05 a.m. - 2021-06-28


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