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mercedes rings, trainwrecks

do you know that mercedez benz makes wedding rings as well as vehicles? i saw some while shopping at an outdoor market (and later looked them up on the web like a smart consumer). alas, the ring i shopped for that day was decidedly less fancy. i remarked to someone that i needed a watch as well, and just before we rounded the corner, a woman standing next to a gas fume-spewing tube nearly burned down a shop. the crowds watched in horror and fascination as she chatted obliviously, "thisclose" to tragedy.

i abandoned my shopping to talk to t.c. about a racist conversation from an english class 13 years ago. he was very surprised at my ability to remember who was in the class, and shocked that his friend held such an opinion. i nodded my head in appalled affirmation and remarked, "... and at that time, he was still denying he was mexican!" we just laughed. some people are stupid.

12:33 p.m. - 2005-06-19


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