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advantage dream. i was at some pool when g. showed up with the baby. apparently i had driven my car right up to the pool because i then spent several minutes searching my trunk for nothing. everyone was behind me, cooing and fawning over the infant, but i wanted nothing to do with it. someone asked me where lorainne was and i said i had no idea. just then, she appeared, dressed to the nines. i did not say hello. instead, i jumped in the pool and attempted to do a handstand. unfortunately, waifish lindsay lohan was standing right there and i almost knocked her over. i apologized and then got out. the next person i saw was, naturally, perez hilton. my eyes traveled up the wall to a list of suggested tips for doormen at the best lounges. i suddenly realized that we had not tipped the vip host whatsoever when when we went to the revolution lounge. oops.

12:54 p.m. - 2008-06-17


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