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More aimless wandering

At first I was in the company of an old, old man. We were in a car and on a road similar to Bandrill between Mopicana and Jargon, but there was a lush field on the right and kids rollerskating in the street next to a church on the left. I think we were trying to go to the Rwood house, but taking the most tortured directions. Dream directions. The worst!

He and the car disappeared and Melissa McCarthy showed up. She was wearing a green outfit, like a full kilt. We were going to go through an office building, some random company where Woodfury sits. The plan was to walk through the place as if we belonged there and then go out a door at the back and continue on. Except once we were in there, there was no door at the back. So we had to go back through the building and that was kind of drawing attention. It wasn't negative attention but it was just a lot of walking and I was getting tired. While we were walking back out to the street it started to pour. I just wanted to walk down to Rwood and go home, but I just couldn't seem to get there.

10:43 a.m. - 2019-06-15


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