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Renutty paints me beet red

Today’s episode of Unconscious Outrage concerns some old wallpaper trim near the ceiling in the living room. Renutty took it upon herself yet again to revamp my decor by removing all the wallpaper trim and beginning to paint over it in apple green. Do you suppose she cleaned or prepped the walls in any way, dear reader, or even painted the entire wall? Noooo, no she did not. I noticed that my four foot velvet wall hanging had a strange streak of dust over just its middle, and then my poor eyeballs traveled upward. There was a square of green paint in the middle of the area near the ceiling where the wallpaper had been. Of course she was not home. WTF!! I said to myself. What is she doing NOW! It is MY HOUSE! All the usual thoughts arrived. I will have to sell the house.... Why does she do these things, even while I am sleeping, hah. The nerve.

3:12 p.m. - 2020-06-13


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