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Kitchen bowls, Rwood

Dreamed I was going somewhere waaay far to the south of the city when I decided to walk past Rwood. As I was doing so, T showed up with some frigging house bowls and a small pot. Like, whatever the f, dude, I don't live there anymore and neither do you. And they were bowls of my current household era, not the Rwood era. First I decided to rinse them out in a rainwater puddle in the street before taking them around the corner to the house. I tried to cough but found I could not. I tried repeatedly to clear my airway but could not. I didn't like that so I decided to drop the bowls first in the bushes... and then try to leave them in the house although since we don't own the house anymore, I didn't have a key. I made it into the house and the electricity was on. I woke up while still in the kitchen.

3:26 a.m. - 2019-06-11


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