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Ch1mp, mirror

Dreamed I had moved and was living across a park from Ch1mp. It occurred to me that now I was in a position to see whether he actually had mobs of people over every week as he once claimed, but my sleep logic did not account for it being 3 years later and maybe he doesn't do that anymore? Hmm. I went inside my bathroom and stood in front of my mirror. I was lifting my hair up and noticing that my reflection looked different between the medicine cabinet mirror and the 3rd angle. In one, all of my hair was up and in other, some was still down. I leaned over and spat into the sink several times. I was trying to spit out some yellow goo. I decided it was shampoo, though my hair was dry and I hadn't been in the shower. Yuck.

8:14 a.m. - 2016-06-09


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