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my brain needs a break

only because i'm working so much right now, i did have a short dream about ice cream. i dreamed i was paying for two scoops, but tried to take three. a relative caught me and i actually put the extra one back. heh. after i left the shop, i saw e. the tennis guy on a date with someone. how did i feel about it? weird. i was trying to slink off to my car without being seen.

later that night, when i got home, i called someone named julie and told her husband that i was calling on behalf of trimspa... although it was really b.f. why did i say trimspa, and why was i making the call from my own house? the woman left me on hold for fifteen minutes, and i actually waited the whole time pondering my lie. he told her to pick it up, but she wouldn't. then he actually lectured her on how hard we work doing this stuff, and i felt like more of a schmuck because i knew she wouldn't believe me. she never did come to the phone.

12:18 p.m. - 2005-06-09


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